Is there a fee involved in finding a position?

No, there is never a fee charged to the applicant.

What happens to my resume once I submit it to OSI for a specific job opportunity?

Your resume is reviewed to ensure that it meets the criteria required by the client.  If it does, you will be contacted by an OSI representative to discuss the job in detail.  If you choose to be submitted as a candidate, OSI will send your resume to the client.  We will never submit your resume to a client without your approval.

How long is the average contract assignment?

Most contracts last approximately 6 months, but are generally no less than three months and can go as long as three years or more.  The length of the assignment varies based on the client’s requirements.

When on a contract assignment, who is my employer?

OSI is your employer.  OSI provides paychecks and administers benefits to our W2 contractors.  When you have concerns about your assignment, you should contact your OSI representative for assistance.

Does OSI offer benefits to contractors?

Yes. OSI offers one of the best benefits package in the industry to its W2 employees.

As a contractor, would I be responsible for filing quarterly taxes and taking care of all my deductions?

As a W2 contractor, OSI would take care of all your payroll deductions for you.  If you are an Independent Contractor, you will be responsible for your own payroll deductions.  Independent Contractors must verify status in order to qualify.

I am an Independent Consultant, why should I use OSI?

OSI can save you time and trouble searching for your next contract.  OSI has a large network of client companies that provides more opportunities for you than if you were to look on your own independently.  In addition, most companies will not work directly with Independent Contractors anymore because of the tax and liability.  OSI will assume this risk.

What is the advantage of going through OSI for a position instead of responding to job postings or ads?

Companies are generally inundated with resumes from individuals and it is likely that your resume won’t get the attention it deserves.  Our representatives have a long standing relationship with most IT hiring managers.  We deliver the top 2-3 resumes for each position and provide the hiring managers with all the information they need to select the right person for the job.