EXPERIENCE... Since 1989 Operating Systems, Inc. (OSi) has built strong mutually beneficial relationships with over 40 Houston area clients. We possess an extensive network of contacts encompassing expert technical staff and clients from years in the industry.

EXPERT SERVICES... OSi provides our clients with some of the best employees.  We are able to do this by offering employees excellent compensation and benefits that are above-industry standards as a result of our low overhead.   And, because we compensate our contractors at the high end, we can obtain the best pick of the resources in Houston.

CUSTOMER SERVICE... OSi can customize staffing solutions to the client’s needs.  We are not constrained by corporate policies and procedures.  Because we are a local Houston company and  maintain all administrative functions in-house, we can provide our clients and employees with quick, decisive responses and personalized attention. OSI believes that communication is a key factor to great customer service.  We keep in contact with clients, as well as, employees.  We listen to the needs and respond quickly, maintaining a close working relationship.


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