What is involved in the recruiting process?

Our representatives work closely with hiring managers during the process to:

  • Gain a complete understanding of the client’s needs, including technical and interpersonal requirements, time frame and financial parameters
  • Adhere to each client’s administrative procedural requirements
  • Provide managers with resumes of qualified candidates
  • Arrange interview times
  • Negotiate contract terms  

How do you screen candidates?

Our representatives interview each potential OSi consultant prior to referring them to any of our clients.  This is a key step in evaluating the candidate’s technical abilities and business knowledge, as well as their professionalism, communication and interpersonal skills.  We want to ensure that we place the candidate in the job best suited to them.

What is the average response time a customer can expect to a requirement?

OSi can usually submit several pre-qualified candidates within 48 hours depending upon requirements.

Do you offer background and drug testing services?

OSi offers a variety of background checks including criminal, social security, and employment.  Upon obtaining the candidate’s approval, these checks are performed confidentially by a specialty firm at no cost to the client or candidate.  We also offer drug testing upon client’s request at no charge.

What kind of invoicing can I expect?

OSi handles all billing and payroll functions internally.  We are able to generate invoices that accommodate our customers’ individual requirements.  For example, invoices can be generated by department or for the entire company and multiple employees may be combined on one invoice or billed separately.

As a hiring manager, why should I use OSi over other agencies?

ONE… Because OSi has the EXPERIENCE. We have been serving the Houston area since 1989 with exceptional IT services at a low cost. We have a proven history of building strong mutually beneficial relationships with our Houston clients. We have built an extensive network of relationships encompassing expert technical staff and clients from years in the industry and

TWO… Because OSi has QUALITY EMPLOYEES.  We have some of the best IT contractors in Houston because we offer exceptional compensation and benefits that are above-industry standards.  And because we compensate our contractors at the high end, we can obtain the best pick of the resources in Houston.